Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
I'm coming up to my 6th session from Leanne's Chaos to Calm Parenting Program, and it has been so sensationally life changing for my family. With 4 children aged between 13 and 2, family life was becoming a little chaotic. My 13yr old and I were starting to argue and that's not the mum I wanted to be, let alone having my other 3 be witness to, experience this, and learn from it. 
Through Leanne's sessions I was able to start implementing structure within the family unit, and focus on strategies for how everyone's needs could be met. We explored Strategies for communication and as a result I was able to recognise when an argument was about to occur, and change my approach for a calmer outcome. 
I cannot thank Leanne enough and Highly recommend her parenting program to all parents who are wanting a calmer home environment to bring up their children. 
Leanne also was generous with her time and mentored me in regards to my workshops that were up and coming. I also learnt a great deal from her calm professional approach to coaching me in all sessions.

Thankyou Leanne, and I wish you all success in 2017 xo

New Beginnings
"Leanne came to me at a time of major shift in my life:  A Career change, a new relationship and new choices in so many directions. Her heartfelt and judgement free sessions have been the highlight of my fortnight. She allows such a sacred space to highlight fears, blocks and perceived issues in my life and for me to soundboard and explore. As a result, my growth and awareness has been catapulted into a place I never thought possible. 
Thank you Leanne, you are a treasured gift"

Deb Rogers, Brisbane

Life Changing
Leanne, I just wanted to thank you for all my coaching sessions with you. Wow it really has been life changing. You've made me aware of who I am and the person I want to continue to be (that's me now!). 
I've had life coaching before but the sessions with you were completely different and a lot more powerful. I can't thank you enough. 
Thank you for everything

Many thanks
Jo  x, NSW

Finally Clarity!
I hired Leanne because I needed some clarity in my life. I had great ideas around my business however I found it difficult to start taking action as I felt overwhelmed with all the tasks I had to undertake. Leanne helped me to focus on whats the most important and grow from there. I was missing some crucial parts that actually made everything else so much easier when they were in place. In just a few sessions I was able to put systems in place and finally own my own time again. 
Thanks to Leanne I know that I can achieve whatever I want quickly now.

Fernando Moreno - Online Business Owner (Sydney)

Goodbye Anxiety
 Inspire Your Focus has really helped me to work on what was holding me back within myself. I no longer have to experience anxiety attacks at the thought of doing something outside of my norm. Coaching with Leanne has improved ALL areas of my life aswell as my children. Thank you so much for such a rewarding life experience. My children thank you too. 

Lesley - Law student, Harvey Bay

Finally a Coach that get's me!
After spending years studying personal development I was looking for more and certainly found it with Leanne’s coaching process. Her processes were simple, concise and so effective. Confronting all the steps and working with my own values has empowered me in every aspect of my life. Leanne is a seriously committed coach, and trainer. Drawing from her incredible knowledge she shares her wisdom and guides you in the direction of your dreams. I would highly recommend Leanne as a coach as she really does ‘Inspire Your Focus’.

Treena, Gympie

Leanne was a fantastic coach to work with. She was very professional in every aspect. She was very patient with me as we worked through lots of my emotional baggage that was blocking my sub thinking.
Leanne's techniques cleared my blockages and gave me the confidence that I needed at the time to move forward..
So if you're feeling stuck in any area of your life I would highly recommend Leanne to be your coach. My life with 
never be the same again, and that's a good thing. 

Kim. Sunshine Coast

Coaching for me was an experience at times, I didn't want to really face anything, for the reason it's easier to not deal with what's really going on and turn a blind eye.I knew there was never a happy future in this way on thinking.  Leanne really helped me stop and reconsider what was going on in my life and taught me the skills I needed to take control of my own mind set rather than it taking control of me. I now feel I have more control over the decisions I make in my life and feel more positive and decisive. Instead of giving away my power in blaming others. I still have a way to go to figure things out but I feel I have more structure to complete this task now and thank Leanne so much for letting me see where to start. It was actually never as hard as I thought it would be, change can be exciting rather than terrifying.

Michelle, Victoria

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