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Internally and Externally Calm the Chaos for 2018!

Monday 15th January 2018

Calm the chaos Workshop

Did 2017 not produce the results you were looking for?

Don’t let 2018 be the same. Take this opportunity to see how you can create the life you desire in 2018. Let’s work together and start calming any chaos that is really holding you back!

Imagine the possibilities once you release all that chaos Internally as well as Externally. Feel the relief now!

Mon 15th January

10am – 11:30am

Unleash your child’s potential

Truly understand your child’s full potential and learn how to consistently bring out the best in them. They are unique, with different needs. Learn the language and techniques to support them. Added bonus ‘you will finally understand yourself and partner too’.

Tues 16th January

10am – 2pm

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A Tailored Parenting Approach

“Get Your Focus Back”

No one prepared us for what parenthood really feels like.

“I feel like I have completely lost myself in parenting”, is the most commen expression I hear.

What if I told you, you could create a family life filled with amazing moments and the journey to get there is actually really quite fun and exciting? Don’t get me wrong, there is no getting rid of those unexpected ‘OMG WHY would you do that’ moments as parents but imagine changing the amount of time spent in each of these moments.
How does 90% Calm to 10% Chaos sound? Pretty good right?


As parents we are trying our hardest to be the best parent we can possibly be, yet we are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. We have lost connection to our uniqueness, our passion, our drive.

Why is it that we seem to loose who we truly are as an individual person when we become a parent and turn into just mum or dad.

Bringing back your uniqueness is key to a beautiful relationship with your partner as well as children. It is a must to fully experience an extraordinary family life.

Learning how is only a choice away……

There is no such thing as JUST mum or dad.

You are a truly remarkable parent for getting to this site, for looking for support & answers. You need to acknowledge what a remarkable job you are already doing.

Imagine bringing back the fun, joy and freedom of the individual you really are?

Imagine being a remarkable parent as well as feeling  fulfilled within yourself, that your own needs are being met. Through this course you will connect to yourself again and understand how to meet your needs as well as those for all your family members.


There is no need to be struggling along without the answers. You can live an extraordinary life, it’s just a matter of building an understanding around how you all interact as individuals within your family.

No family unit is the same, so why treat them like that.

Through this course we look at all the individuals and focus on fulfilling their unique needs and then understanding how they all connect and communicate to each other.

Times have changed, let’s change with them!

Regain your Focus! Create the family life you truly desire.

Stop living ground hog day and missing all the magic moments around you because you are so busy!

You really can  turn your chaos into a calm

We offer a four week parenting course that will guide you through your growth week by week. This will create  lasting change, not just a short term quick fix. Your life will never be the same again. We create the mindset you need to sustain this approach.

You will receive all the help you need to change chaos into a rewarding parenting experience.

In just one week with our program we promise you will start experiencing benefits.
Also we can coach you one- on -one with our personalised program to help you get out of your rut and get unstuck.

Together we will work at creating a better and stronger ‘YOU’ that will benefit not just yourself but your whole family. This is an in depth approach that will transform your life forever.

“Leanne, I just wanted to thank you for all my coaching sessions with you. Wow it really has been life changing. You’ve made me aware of who I am and the person I want to continue to be (that’s me now!).
I’ve had life coaching before but the sessions with you were completely different and a lot more powerful. I can’t thank you enough.
Thank you for everything

Jo N.S.W.

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