Chaos To Calm Parenting Workshop
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A Tailored Parenting Approach

Get Your Focus Back

Do you feel like you have lost yourself in Parenthood?Are you sick of not being respected nor heard? Are you living the same old day with no direction, no passion, no drive? 
The list could go on.  No one prepared us for what parenthood really feels like. Lucky there are those amazing magical moments along the way that keep inspiring us to try our hardest.

What if I told you, you could create a family life filled with more of these amazing moments and the journey to get there is actually really quite fun and exciting? Don't get me wrong, there is no getting rid of those unexpected 'OMG WHY would you do that' moments as parents but imagine changing the amount of time spent in each of these moments. 
How does 90% Calm to 10% Chaos sound? Pretty good right?

It's only a choice away

As parents we  are trying our hardest to be the best parent we can possibly be, yet we are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. We have lost connection to our uniqueness, our passion, our drive.  Why is it that we seem to loose who we truly are as an individual person when we become a parent and turn into just mum or dad. 

I tell you now, there is no such thing as JUST mum or dad. You are a truly remarkable parent for getting to this site, for looking for some support, for answers. So many parents stay stuck in their same old everyday, good on you for looking into changing that. You really need to acknowledge what a remarkable job you are already doing. 

Imagine bringing back the fun, joy and freedom of the individual you really are? Imagine being a remarkable parent as well as feeling completely fulfilled within yourself, that your own needs are being met. Through my course you will definitely connect to yourself again and understand how to meet all your needs at the same time as meeting those for your whole family.  The difference this will make to your life will be incredible. There is no need to be struggling along without the answers. You can live an extraordinary life, it's just a matter of building an understanding around how you all interact as individuals within your family. No family unit is the same, so why treat them like that. Through my course we look at all the individuals and focus on fulfilling their unique needs and then understanding how they all connect and communicate to each other. 

Young couple in a consultation session with expert
Imagine learning about all this and passing it on to your children before they leave home. So that when they grow up they already know how to meet their own needs and understand people on a deeper level. They to will learn they don't have to put their own needs last?

From personal experience I know first hand what it feels like to be overwhelmed and lose yourself in parenting. I also know that it can all be turned around to the most amazing rewarding experience of your life. Living a life true to who you are as a unique individual sets you up for success in all areas of your life, not just parenting. The relief and freedom that it provides is well worth the journey. 

Regain your Focus? Create the family life you truly desire. If this sounds like what you are looking for then you have come to the right place.  
There are many options for you to turn your chaos into calm. Highly experienced and professional coaches will show you how to turn your chaos into calm with our tailored parenting approach. We offer a four week parenting course that will guide you through your growth week by week. This will create a lasting change, not just a short term quick fix. We create the mindset you need to sustain this approach. You will receive all the guidance and help you need to change chaos into a more rewarding parenting experience. In just one week with our program we promise you will start experiencing benefits. 
Also we can coach you one- on -one with our personalised program to help you get out of your rut and get unstuck.Together we will work at creating a better and stronger ‘YOU’ that will benefit not just yourself but your whole family. This is an in depth approach that will transform your life forever. Experience the difference with Inspire Your Focus.

Quote of the Week

Every week we like to present for you an inspiring parenting quote that you can reflect and mediate
on during the week. Just applying some aspect of the quote will dramatically change your week for
the better guaranteed!

“To be in your children's memories tomorrow, you need to be in their lives today”
Get inspired with your parenting by contacting us today. Visit our Facebook page at to stay inspired!
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